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এ সপ্তাহে যারা ১০০% দায়িত্ব সম্পন্ন করেছেন !

আপনার দায়িত্ব ১০০% সম্পন্ন হলে আমরা পৌঁছে যাব আমাদের গন্তব্যের পরবর্তী ধাপে! 

Table of Contents

Budget of next July to December, 2020

80 Guest Posts/ Skyscraper:
Back Links





  • 10 Keywords x 10 guest posts = 100 post x 1,000 words = 1,00,000 words= 22,000 Tk

Medium Quality Contents

Informative Contents

Personal Blog Network





  • 10 Domains Total: 10,000 Tk
  • 10 Hosting Total: =30,477 Tk
  • Contents 10 sites x 8 posts =80 posts  200 Tk =16,000 Tk
  • 1000 words  Informative Article
  • In Total: 56,000 TK

Low Quality Contents

Informative Contents


Simple, fast and effective flexible move



  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Free Tea & Coffee
  • Max 15 team members
  • Superfast wifi
  • Free Kitchen

Simple, fast and effective flexible move



  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Free Tea & Coffee
  • Max 15 team members
  • Superfast wifi
  • Free Kitchen

১৩ জুন ২০২০ মিটিং এর দায়িত্ব বন্টন - 

Mustafijur Rahman


Web & Android App developer, Article Writer, Proof-reader

ictcontent.com সাইটে content upload দিব। Top Car Seat এর ১টি Article Write করব। 

Ariful Islam
Digital Marketer & Online Supporter

golf / sports / Cargear/ Carseat / LEDLight --এদের উপর মোট ১০ টি Expired Domain এর লিস্ট করো। 

Sharmin Tanin

Share Holder

Article Writer & Adviser

আগের  Article - টি Writing করেন। 
Shahabul Haque

Share Holder

Researcher & Backlink SEO Expart

Guest Post  -এর Video দেখে নোট করেন কিভাবে ১০০ সাইটের লিস্ট করবেন। Keywodr: golf
Emran Adib
Share Holder
CEO:  Web Developer & Advanced Graphic Designer

golfpushcartreviews.com - সাইটের এর images ও Banner Design  করো । 
Sumanto Paul
SEO Expert
ON Page & OFF Page SEO Expert, Advanced Keyword Researcher

ictcontent.com সাইটের content collection করো । কিছু Keywords রিসার্স করতে হবে। golf push carts সাইটের জন্য informative keywords. 
Suman Kaysar
Share Holder
Computer Engineer: Article Prof-reader, Writer & Researcher

topcarseat.com -এর মোট ৪০ টি Articles Collect করো । 
Sabuj Islam
Share Holder
Keyword Researcher, 

Books সব Download হলে বলবে।   
Saranjon Chandra
Article Writer
Article Writer, PPT Expert, Product Inputer

১৫ জুন থেকে তোমাকে Articles দেয়া হবে। Re-write করিও।
Ayesha Siddika
Article Writer
Article Writer

আগের গুলা করিও,
Rabeya Akter Lima
Article Writer
Article Writer

আগের গুলা করিও, ডেস্কটপ ঠিক হলে। 
Sabrina Tanin Shethy
Article Writer
SEO Friendly Article Writer

Wellcome!  ১৫ জুন থেকে তোমাকে Articles দেয়া হবে। Re-write করিও।
Mir Mohammed Sajal
Article Writer
Article Writer, Proof-reader

Wellcome! ১৫ জুন থেকে তোমাকে Articles দেয়া হবে। Re-write করিও। 
Jahid Hunye
Cric Guru
Article Publisher, Cricket Specialist

cricguru.com -এর   ক্রিকেট  নিউজ  পাবলিস্ট  করা 
Masud Rana
Graphic Designer
Graphic Designer, Photo Editor & CPA Marketer

Video গুলা দেখে শিখতে থাকো। 

HB Hridoy
Social Media Marketer

 Video গুলা দেখে শিখতে থাকো। 
Aleya Akter
Product Uploader
Dropshipping Product Uploader

 Latest Item সাইটে প্রতিদিন ৩০টি Products Upload দিবে। 
Antor Hasan
graphic Designer
Info-Graphic Designer

Graphic Design শিখতে থাকো। 


PB​​​​N Hosting

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SEMrush plans: $100 per Month

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Shamin Ahmed


Full NameLinda G Gallagher
Social Security Number495-92-6728


Street: 4568 Chandler Drive

City: Lamar

State: MO

State Full: Missouri

Zip Code: 64759

Phone Number: 417-682-8789

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Saifur Rahman


Full NameLinda G Gallagher
Social Security Number495-92-6728


Street: 4568 Chandler Drive

City: Lamar

State: MO

State Full: Missouri

Zip Code: 64759

Phone Number: 417-682-8789

Mobile Number: 417-214-1545

E-mail: igqhm53@gmail.com




Full NameLinda G Gallagher
Social Security Number495-92-6728


Street: 4568 Chandler Drive

City: Lamar

State: MO

State Full: Missouri

Zip Code: 64759

Phone Number: 417-682-8789

Mobile Number: 417-214-1545

E-mail: igqhm53@gmail.com

Free Tools for SEO

The basic necessities of survival for holidays

I use Semrush for my keyword research these days, along with managing my clients and finding errors on websites to fix. Semrush has a rank tracker in built, a decent site audit tool and even social media automation functionalities. 

I personally don't like Semrush for analyzing backlinks as the data feels old. However, you can still do that. The cost is around $99/month once your free 2 week expires. 

I use AAWP across all my affiliate websites to manage links and images from Amazon's associate program. AAWP stands for 'Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin'. 

Where the name is boring, the tool does some slick work. It connects with your Amazon API to pull the links and the images using your affiliate ID. 

The price is very low compared to the benefit it brings on. Highly recommended. 

I use Aweber to send out emails to 20,000 + subscribers every week. If you are on my email list, you receive these emails. The emails always land on your inbox, the open rate is decent and the pricing is fair too. 

Other solutions, such as Mailchimp don't work with internet marketers and I only found Aweber that is good + fits in my budget range. You can always upgrade to companies like Convert Kit if you want to spend more. 

Both Google Analytics & Search Console are mandatory tools for any website owner. If you have a website and you are not using both search console and Analytics, you wouldn't have a 100% overview of how the business is doing. 

On top of that, both of these tools are actually free to use (for up to 100 websites).

It is a free, simple tool that tells you when your website goes down. You can set a robot to come to your website every 1, 5 or 30 minutes to check if the site is alright. 

If it is not, Uptime Robot will send you an email. I use it on all my client websites to make sure that I am the first person to know when a site goes down. Highly recommended. 

I use Tailwind too automate my Pinterest. One Tailwind profile is created for all my affiliate websites and Tailwind then helps me to automate and schedule all the pins. 

Though Tailwind helps me automate it, you will still need to invest some time to get things going. You can even add Instagram to the same Tailwind profile but I only use it for Pinterest. 

To use this plagiarism checker, please copy and paste your content in the box below, and then click on the big blue button that says “Check Plagiarism!” then sit back and watch as your article is scanned for duplicated content.

Article Writing Tips

1. Key word.

2. Related keyword.

3. Affiliate Link.

4. Model Article Link (if any).

5. Meta Title + Metal description (Month & Year) Review & Comparison.





Table of content:

Images + Amazon Links

Why do you need Product:

What to look for:



Prose & corns:

3/5 Reasons Why Choose Product:

The best way to use product name:


Byers Guide/ Things to consider when choose ….. :



6. Shorter paragraph.

7. Well formatting.

8. Prose & corns.

9. Appropriate Image.

10. Appropriate Info-graphic.

11. Appropriate Videos( Embedded ).

12. Images Optimizes.

13. Article readability.

14. Grammar Mistake free.

15. Copy right/Duplicate/Plagiarism free.

16. Table of content.

17. Bulet Point.

18. Colour Point

19. H1 Header one time.

20. H2 Header Several times.

21. H3-H4 Header Several times.

22. Button Colour.

23. Button Text.

24. Conclusion.

25. Title tag.

26. Alter tag.

27. Image tag.


Keyword in title.

Keyword in first paragraph.

Keyword in image alt tag.

Use long tail keywords in body.

Use long tail keywords in H2 or H3 Add multimedia (video, slides, and infographics).

Minimum 3000 words.

Optimize images before uploading (compress and resize).

Optimize page load speed.

Create a meta description which is click-worthy Internal links to related articles with correct anchor text Outbound links to relevant high-quality sites.

Content length: The longer the content, the better it probably is. But don’t try to needlessly increase the content length.

At the end of blog post, ask users to take action Make sure to have social sharing buttons either at the end or floating on the site of your post

Don’t put more than one H1 tag (your post title is H1).

Don’t repeat the same H2 and H3 tag.

Don’t stuff keywords

Use seo friendly url,

Make sure your URL only contains your main keyword

No misspelling and or poor grammar

Write 2-5 line paragraphs max,

Don't write longer paragraphs

Check your article in mobile as well as 60-80% of your traffic will be reading your article in mobile

Check your article in copyscape.com for plagiarism

 The best strategy is to look at your competitor article and make your article 10 times better Fulfilling the intent of the searcher is more important than SEO optimization

KW Research For Amazon Niche Site (Bangla Tutorial)

​ -    NShamim.Com

প্রথমেই বুঝার চেস্ট করি কম মানি কিওয়ার্ড ভলিউমের সার্চ ইন্টেন্টের সাথে কোণ কোণ মানি আর্টিকেল এই কিওয়ার্ডের সাথে সামঞ্জস্য, এবং সে অনুযাই কম মানি কিওয়ার্ড সার্চ ভলিউম গুলি, আর্টিকেলে প্লেইস করি। প্লেইসমেন্ট গুলি আমি যেভাবে করিঃ

best multimeter for homeowner, best multimeter for beginners, best multimeter brand, best compact multimeter এইগুলির ভলিউম ৫০-১৫০। আমি এই গুলি কে H3 টাইটেল ট্যাগে এড করি, ধরেন টপ টেন বেষ্ট multimeter নিয়ে যখন আর্টিকেল লেখা হয় সেখানে ১০ টি প্রডাক্টের H3 টাইটেল থাকে। উদাহরণ স্বরূপ
• Fluke 115 Multimeter
• Craftsman Multimeter
• INNOVA 3340 Multimeter
• Faradigi Multimeter

যে কিওয়ার্ডের বিশেষণ গুলি উক্ত প্রডাক্টের সাথে যায়, সেগুলি কে সেই প্রডাক্টের টাইটেলে ডেলে দেই।
ঠিক এইভাবেঃ
• best multimeter for homeowner - Fluke 115 Multimeter
• best multimeter for beginners - Craftsman Multimeter
• best multimeter brand- INNOVA 3340 Multimeter
• best compact multimeter - Faradigi Multimeter

যেহেতু প্রডাক্ট ১০ টি তাই ১০ টি কিওয়ার্ড টাইটেলে দেওয়া যায় আর বাকি গুলি সমগ্র আর্টিকেলে একজ্যাক্ট ম্যাচ দিয়েই ডেলে দেই।

এইভাবে আমি আমার রিসার্চ করা সকল কিওয়ার্ড গুলি ইউজ করি।

How I Improve Existing Contents & Research NLP Topics & Questions With Frase IO | A Detailed Review

​ -    NShamim.Com

ON Page & OFF Page SEO Strategy:


1. Keywords IDEA (How to write long article)

lsikeywords.com >>

lsigraph.com >>

2. SEO Analysis (Problems of contents)

screamingfrog.com >>

3. Title: 30-60 characters

4. Meta Description: 320 characters

5. Keyword: in title, url, meta description, introduction, H1, H2, conclusion, images alt text, info-graphic, chart, videos, inside of content total 4/1000.

6. Keyword variation: Similar keyword have to use in the article

7. Image: image name, As much as image we can use. Image size should be under 100 kb, jpg format is preferable.

8. Internal links in different pages

9. External links

10. Affiliate Link (No follow)

11. Internal link Comment approved

12. Post index in google scarce console

13. Share in fb, Pinterest, twitter, redit

14. page speed check


1.  Backlinks = 70% - 80% Done

a.  Guest Post

b.  Sky Scraper

c.  PBN (Private Blog Network)

d. Top 10 Strategy

d.  Blog Commenting

e.  Forums

f.  RSS Directories


h. Info-graphic

i. Resource Page Link building

j. Link out Strategy

k. Broken Link Building

l. Crowdsourcing SEO

Necessary Tools Links:

https://www.serprobot.com/serp-check.php [TOP TEN Articles finder]
Infographic submission [google search-sign up]
www.siegemedia.com [ for image Embade ]
https://app.buzzsumo.com/ [ info graphic idea]

Google snippets position-
Lsigraph.com [ article fulfill idea ]
https://whatwpthemeisthat.com/ [Theme and Plugin chack]
https://majestic.com/ [url Backlink Check]

# Wps hosting
leandomainsearch.com [Domain idea]
pixels.com [ free images]
https://www.adthrive.com/ [ Ads monetize]

1.Piller Keyword= best+keyword
2.Single Product Keyword=keyword+reviews

Top 10 Products reviews from Amazon Best Selling priducts [ not from other site ]
https://www.authorityhacker.com/ [All info affiliate marketing]
https://backlinko.com/on-page-seo?fbclid=IwAR1SSbz6V1xwFj9eNmr0VxP-lkBsfqfQI8qVvoIb7O_X4Lp8UsLMFZyxpaw [ On Page Aricle Tips ]
https://1text.com/plagiarismchecker [Plagarisom Checcer]
laptopgeek.com [Laptop Niche Site]
laptoplex.com [Laptop Niche Site]
dropmylink.com [Link Building] 39. Post
https://app.buzzsumo.com/ [Article Collection by keyword]
portent title generator [title]

On Page SEO - 9 Actionable Techniques That Work -    Brian Dean

On Page SEO - 9 Actionable Techniques That Work -    Brian Dean

SEO Checklist 2020 — How to Get More Organic Traffic (Fast!)

​ -    Brian Dean

SEO for Beginners: Rank #1 In Google in 2020

​ -    Brian Dean

How to Drive Traffic to a Brand New Site (now) with Little to No Money - Beginner SEO Tips

​ -    Doug Cunnington

SEO Training in Bangla (Complete Outreach SEO Guide) - আউটরিচ এক্সপার্ট হয়ে আয় ৩০-৪০ হাজার ডলার/Year  [ Guest Post ]  (Off Page SEO)

Top 50 SEO Strategy (Off Page SEO)

Step 1: Finding 50 Blogs

Step 2: Creating a List & Awarding Them

Step 3: Email

Step 4: Follow-up Email


Step 1:

Step 2: Title: Top 50 Golf Blogs That You Can Badly Trust (With Trust Badge)

50 Blogs Name

50 Blogs URL

50 Blogs Owner Name

50 Blogs Topics

50 Blogs When Started ( whois.com)

Trust badge create

After writing the list of 50 Blogs details. Then publish the blog.

Step 3: Email the 50 Blogs

Golf Push Carts Reviews Top 50

Image html Code [            ]

Email Format:

Hi, Name

My name is Mustafij. I’m founder of Golf Push Carts Reviews.

I would like to personally congratulate you as your blog Golf Watcher has been selected by our panelist as one of the top 50 Golf Blogs on the web.


I personally give you a high-five and want to think you for your contribution to this world. This is the most comprehensive list of Top 50 Golf Blogs  on this internet and I’m honored to have you as part of this!

Also, you have the honor of displaying the following badge on your blog. Use the below code to display this badge proudly n your blog.

Golf Push Carts Reviews Top 50

<a herf = “https://kjhngfjbnfgbfgb fjlnbfnbonbfb .fjnofbnfb;fi   a>

Best Regards,



KGR Technique

Keyword Golden Ratio Basics:

How to Calculate the KGR

One of the best things about the KGR formula is that it’s simple and (nearly) foolproof:

The Keyword Golden Ratio must be less than 0.25.

The ratio is:

The number of Google results that have the keyword phrase in the title divided by the local monthly search volume, where the LMS is less than 250.

KGR Formula: KGR= (# of allintitle results)/(search volume)

  • If KGR is less than 0.25: You should rank in the top 100 once your page is indexed by Google.
  • If KGR is between .25 and 1: You should still rank in the top 250 pretty quickly.
  • If KGR is greater than 1: You know it’s a more competitive term even though the search volume is quite low (under 250).

             If you’re just starting out, I strongly recommend sticking to the formula and targeting terms under 0.25.

Pinterest Marketing | Pinterest Marketing Bangla Tutorial | Pinterest Marketing Tips For Beginners

Advanced Pinterest Marketing Bangla Tutorial A to Z

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Case Study #2

How To Do Keyword Research In Pinterest? Writers Motion 

Amazon Tax Information As Non US Person - Bangla Tutorial

Video Tutorial for Affiliate Marketing!

From basic to advance video tutorials!

This analysis will generate the following report:

On-Page SEO

  • Title
  • Description
  • Content.
  • Page.
  • URL.
  • H1, H2, H3 tags.
  • Meta tags
  • Images
  • Permalinks
  • Placement in meta tag
  • Title Length/ post title length
  • Keyword Stuffing in Description
  • Page Load Time
  • Sitemap
  • Robots file
  • Google Analytics
  • Final SEO Score

Off-Page SEO

Website SEO Analysis To An Excellent Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing your website using SEO optimization tool from website SEO Checker to rank high than others in search Engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo takes a lot of time. But with the right procedure and method results are rewarding. Increased visibility of your business was, therefore, bringing more sales. Here are few things you need to know about SEO;

Details from Website SEO Analysis of some factors that determine SEO

The key word in a description:  Search engines favor websites and web pages that make use of the main words used in describing a page. Especially keywords in snippet as seen on SEO test tool. When you take advantage of the right keywords in your description of a page, then you have better chances with occupying the first page on search engines. Although key words cannot get you directly to the front page of Google, surely it increases your chances. Do well also to limit the use of a particular keyword on your website as too much of everything is bad.

Keywords on H1: H1 headers are part and parcel of search engine optimization and should not be over looked no matter what.  Using your key words on your HI tag is the great way to help your users to find your content. HI, tag keywords should not be over used, just one or two is okay, do not over use unless search engines will consider it spamming. H1, tags gives the first impression to any user that visits on what your page stands for. H1, tags can be said to be the receptionist of any web page, so the right keywords should be used.

 Keyword in Content: When writing any content on a web page, be it a blog post, sales page or about us page so far as content is involved, use the right keyword can help catapult you to your potential visitors. Users were seeking for services on search engines type in particular work related to service they try for. When you have these keywords embedded in your content, these users will be directed to your website. Therefore make sure your keyword density is right at least appearing at first paragraph of your content and then up to 10 times in your content.


Keywords in URL: Virtually every part of your page that deals with words deserve to be optimized with target keywords for your website. The Url address of your site (e.g., www.dentist.com) should contain at least your keywords for which you want your site to rank. Keyword in URL does not only rank your web pages; it helps your users read information concerning a particular page easily before visiting the link. same as website SEO Checker

It is also important that you make keyword research before you purchase your domain name(URL) so you don’t have the need to change it after few years.

Density: Density here just means how often your targeted keyword appeared on your website. Your keyword density should not be used many times, like more than 15 times. Targeted Keywords should only be used once in a paragraph.

Keywords Meta tags: Keywords for Meta tags are very helpful when you are targeting users from Bing and Yahoo. When writing your Meta tag descriptions, kindly use your targeted keywords in your meta tags too. They will prove quite useful in Bing and Yahoo.

 Images: Users like pictures, they are very appealing to the eye. Most often people search for information using certain keywords and only images optimized with such keywords show up. It is imperative that you save the images used on a website with your targeted keywords.

 Permalinks: They are also part of the SEO analysis on a website, adding your targeted keyword in hyperlinks on your site is very necessary.

Keywords in Alt Image: Another great opportunity to optimize your site in website SEO Checker for search engines. Images help reduce bounce rates and make visitors spend much time on your website. Therefore if you have no image on your site, is a time you think about adding one or two of them. Make sure in the alt description of the image; you add your targeted keyword. It allows users browse through your website with ease.

Title Length/ post title length: The recommended title length that is very friendly with search engines is the minimum of 50 and maximum of 60 characters. Title characters are shown on search engines as a description of what a page is all about. In a situation where there are not enough title characters, search engines just replace it with its desired text. Try as much as possible to write an engaging title and enough word length too, visitors from search tend to be attracted to them before they visit your website. Make your title very eye catchy that visitors will want to click when they read it.

Description Length: Everything about SEO has its rules, dos and don’ts to make sure it works. One of those standards is to maintain the word duration in every description, of which one of them is Meta description. Every meta description on your website should contain up to 156 words altogether. The description as always will include your target keywords exp: Website SEO Analyzer for which you will like search engines to rank your site for.

Title in a page: Title of your page should bear your targeted keyword at the very beginning. This is to inform all search engines that crawl posts from your website what a particular page stands for. The example below will help;

<title>domain authority checker – pa da checker – website seo</title>

 Content Length: Content is king, your materials represent your brand and what a page in your website is all about. Contents can be blog post or article on your site; it might even be sales copy depending on the purpose of your website. NO matter which is it, the most important thing is those contents meet a certain word length, and that is a minimum of 50 words and above. IT is recommended that Google and other search engines favor websites with contents up to 400 words.

Although word length matters, it is excellent if those contents are unique and free from plagiarism and readability. Be it 50 words content or 500 words; the content should all contain your keyword too.

 URL Length:  A link to any page should contain a maximum of 75 characters to make it easier for search engines to craw post and information from that page of yours. Using just a three partitioned words such like eyes of God, will be much simpler for search engines. Even with the 75-word limit make your URL very informative and passing a message of what the page it leads to talk about.

 Keyword Stuffing in Title: You might be tempted to add your targeted keywords many times in your title, but this is a total turn off for a search engine. Some of the search engines search, multiple keywords in titles as spam. When this happens your chances of ranking higher with those keywords becomes quite small.

 Keyword Stuffing in Content:  Just like keyword stuffing in the title, using too many keywords in your content within one paragraph will attract a penalty from search engines which is giving a low ranking for such page with stuffed keywords. Targeted keywords in your contents should not be more than 15.If you go ahead was violating this rule, and then your ranking will be very small.

 Keyword Stuffing in Description: Yet another warning about stuffing of keywords, this time it is in the description. Keyword was stuffing a danger zone and should not be toyed with as it can land your page on the last page of a search engine. Your Meta tag description of about 155 should contain your keywords. These keywords should not be in multiple folds; they are to appear few times. Stuffing keywords in your Meta tag description will not increase your ranking further but will catch the user attention to visit your website from search engines.

 Page Load Time:  This refers to the time it takes for a page to open when a visitor clicks it. Page load time determines your bounce rate, how long a visitor will stay on your website. If your page loads very fast like in one second or 3 seconds as recommended, then your page is great. The loading speed can be achieved with the use of some tools like the Gzip. Files on a page can be reduced to the smaller size so as to allow the page load faster as website SEO Analysis. Gzip is better used on CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files that are larger than 150 bytes. Not on images on a page, there are better tools to use in compressing and optimizing images, such as the Adobe Photoshop. You can save the image as web content from the save panel of your Adobe Photoshop; this will solve the problem of page load speed. One amazing thing about compressing the size of your image with Adobe Photoshop software is that the image still retains its quality even after compressing it.


Sitemap: Most of the times SEO experts often neglect the role sitemap plays in search engine optimization. A site map is just like the mainframe work of your site, more like the map thought which search engines navigate your website, every page and every content. It shows the structures of every part of your website and serves as a guide to any search engine that wants to interact with your web pages. It is the site map that you tell search engines which web page to index and which not to index. As previously stated sitemap serves as a guide to search engines. This is to say that search engines are entirely blind on your site and needs some guidance which sitemaps provide.

Robots: A text file called robots.txt file is just as important as the sitemap. When the robot text is not functional on your website, search engines might not be able to crawl your website pages in contents. When this happens, your site will vanish on the search engines because there will be no robot text to tell search engines where to crawl and when to do that. Robot text might be present on a website but not working correctly this might lead to the same effect f not been listed on any search engine. With the help of the robot text file, you can command search engines not to crawl images on a web page or any other file you wish to retain. All you will do is to block those contents you want search engines not to crawl from your robot text file.

Google Analytics: This is a tool created by one of the world famous search engines, Google. The Google analytics is a tool made to track traffic your website is getting, and where they are coming from (country) The Google analytics analyses every data on your website as I regard to visits, page views and the rest. The dashboard of Google analytics is partitioned to measure the following;

Overview of All Channels

Social Media

Referrals (Back links)

Direct Traffic

Organic Search (SEO)

Paid Search (PPC)


Google Analytics is a right tool for every website owner to monitor every activity on the site. All the data you need on your website is what Google analytics presents on a platter of Gold. It is a beneficial tool for bloggers too that deals o paid traffic to track the traffic coming in and where it comes from and determine the return on investment for every dollar spent. Google analytics is not just a tool for the monitor where visitors visit from; it also shows the captions they take when they visit. Links they clicked on and how much time spent on your site (bounce rate)

The good news about the Google analytics tool is that is free with just a proper installation of the plug-in on your website; you are ready to go.

Free to-use tools available on websiteseochecker.com

This tool in Website SEO Analysis bulk checks common SEO metric to ascertain how quality the webpage is, and webmasters can infer with the given information on the quality of such URL
With SEO analysis, Webmasters can ascertain multiple metric at one go .Copy and paste all your URLs and URLs in the mass page rank checker box and click the start button .The results will be shown inside a table of data that queries different services like Moz, and the URL servers; it relies on the quantity of pages entered.
website SEO Checker can be utilized to discover multiple metric, while making mass purchase. Using this SEO tool for full SEO report, website admins can stay informed regarding multiple metric distribution of different pages on a solitary website
SEO analysis additionally help you with relevant information about the traffic which your site is generating. These SEO tools help you derive your strategies as regards to link building through the information you have gathered by taking a peek into your competitors' site.
At websitechecker.com, we go that extra mile to offer you the best experience ever while on our site. So, feel free to leave your feedback on how we can continue to improve our services and make your experience a rewarding one.

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