Affirmative to Negative (Changing Sentence: Rules: 1 -30)

    πŸ“š   Affirmative to Negative with-

  • βœ… Only   (Person, Things,     Age, Number )
  •  βœ…  Must, Have to, Has to, Had to
  •  βœ… Need to, Needed to, Many, A few   
  • βœ…  A little, much, As soon as, Scarcely, Hardly
  • βœ…  As…as, Less …Than,  Both…and, Too β€¦β€¦.to
  • βœ…  Sometimes, Always, For ever, Universal, Affirmative word
  • βœ… 39 Slides   1.6 MB only
May 22, 2020

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